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Compressed Air Clears the Way


The reverse jet pulse valve VZWE from Festo eliminates the risk of blockages in dust removal systems. With a brief blast of air, the heavy-duty valve keeps the dust filters free for many industries.

Whether in the manufacture of cement or paper, mining or tobacco processing, chemical or foodstuff industries – all fields apply filters in production that become full sooner or later though during production processes. Whenever there is a risk of plugging up, the VZWE 2/2-way valve is ready to clear the way again.

The reverse jet pulse valve is part of a cleaning system with compressed air. The efficient housing design ensures a high flow for that. Thanks to its special piston unit, the heavy-duty VZWE opens and closes quickly. This improves the cleaning effect significantly. Any contamination that has collected drops into a dust collection funnel. A range of port sizes and mechanisms allows for a universal implementation.