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Eaton Expands SC9000 Medium-Voltage Drive Solutions for General Purpose Commercial and Industrial Applications


Power management company Eaton announced a new version of its medium-voltage SC9000 adjustable frequency drive (AFD) designed to help customers support energy efficiency, reduce ownership costs and enhance power system reliability. The new Eaton SC9000 general purpose (GP) drives are designed for a wide range of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), water and wastewater, utility, industrial and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.

“Eaton continues to invest in research and development to yield innovations that make it easier and more cost effective for customers to take advantage of adjustable frequency drive technology in their systems,” said Jerry Wang, product manager at Eaton. “The latest version of Eaton’s award-winning SC9000 drive combines innovative technology with a simplified design and construction, system flexibility and ease of use.”

Based on the enhanced design, the SC9000 GP can be maintenance free for up to 10 years. These drives have a low part count topology and is standard-equipped with a redundant cooling system to help improve reliability.

With Eaton’s SC9000 GP drive, customers can shift from low-voltage to medium-voltage drives for applications at lower power ranges. Currently, medium-voltage drives are typically used in applications starting at 300-500 horsepower (HP) range. Depending on overall system characteristics, the SC9000 GP can be used cost-effectively in applications starting at 100 hp.

The SC9000 GP medium-voltage drives are tested to Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) and Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (cUL) standards for medium-voltage power conversion equipment.

Eaton’s extensive medium-voltage drive solutions are designed to help customers choose the solution that fits specific application requirements. The SC9000 GP is designed using the same control technology as Eaton’s SC9000 EP series of drives, which helps achieve energy savings while reducing downtime during maintenance through a modular inverter design. For environments where safety is a primary concern, the SC9000 EP arc-resistant drives offer an arc-resistant Type 2B enclosure to help enhance safety from the front, sides and rear of the enclosure.

SC9000 models are compatible with Eaton’s extensive suite of medium-voltage motor control solutions including Ampgard® control solutions and ArcGardTM arc-resistant switchgear. For additional information, visit