Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler Process Values at a Glance with ifm’s New IO-Link Display

Process Values at a Glance with ifm’s New IO-Link Display


ifm electronic’s new IO-Link display provides more plant transparency and service information on site. It provides four measured values or text displays simultaneously. In addition, the unit features four message windows for free text. Furthermore, the device allows flexible adaptation of the display, also during operation; it is IO-Link 1.1 compatible and can be easily integrated into each IO-Link structure.

Increased Plant Transparency

The E30391 IO-Link display is a flexible solution to display process values, texts and messages as well as QR codes in a plant. It displays up to four assigned process values, alarms and warnings. Clear text and a colour change of text and background guarantee a quick overview. By means of buttons the user can trigger control actions of the PLC or acknowledge messages.

Easy Integration

The new product is connected to the IO-Link master like an actuator and controlled via PLC. No special software is required for configuration. Texts and settings can be predetermined via an IO-Link device tool such as LINERECORDER SENSOR. Texts and settings can be adapted even during operation via the PLC. With this new IO-Link display, the user gains a clear overview and is already best-equipped for Industry 4.0 by using IO-Link.