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WindEnergy: B&R Presents New Solutions For Azimuth Control


The ACOPOS P3 is designed to operate flawlessly under harsh offshore conditions such as continuous 1 g vibrations. The coated circuit boards are impervious to humid, salty air.

Using the modular software blocks of mapp Technology, wind turbine manufacturers can implement active yaw systems with minimal time and effort. “Joined by intelligent links, mapp components make software development easier and faster. By placing a wide variety of standard functions at your fingertips with only a few configurations to make, mapp eliminates many potential sources of error,” explains Peter Kronberger, B&R’s global technology manager for the energy industry.

APROL PDA is an open and scalable system for process data acquisition. All the data generated by a wind turbine is collected seamlessly in a central location. To see what other advantages B&R’s data logger has to offer, stop by the booth for a demonstration.