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Available Now ─ Customized CODESYS Runtime Systems for Device Platforms from Beckhoff and WAGO


CODESYS is established system software for controller applications. 3S Smart Software Solutions, the manufacturer of CODESYS, provides numerous customized runtime systems to simplify their usage on conventional device platforms. For example, CODESYS can be used for programming PC-based devices and embedded platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, without the need for special system development. For this purpose, integrated compilers generate powerful binary code, thus saving system resources. Once installed on the device platform, the runtime system controls the execution of application code and provides extensive options for debugging and commissioning. In this way, application specialists can focus completely on engineering tasks – no external debugger is needed.

New at “Embedded World” 2016: Completely customized runtime systems are now available for established device platforms, such as industrial PCs from Beckhoff and programmable fieldbus controllers from WAGO. After a runtime system is installed, the full range of functions in  the CODESYS Development System can be used for development, including extensive support for fieldbuses, such as CANopen and EtherCAT. The system can easily be extended with add-on products available in the CODESYS Store. In the coming years, 3S-Smart Software Solutions plans to extend the list of supported platforms.