The new benchmark for your product pre-certifications. The new TDEMI Mobile+ (TDEMI M+) receiver series of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is a very compact and robust designed instrument for optimum mobility and outdoor use as well as on developers workbench in your lab. It provides a vast variety of functionalities. The TDEMI M+ receiver series is equipped with a +12V supply – so it can be easily used for on-board testing, e.g. in vehicles or aircrafts and so on. By its integrated touch sensitive and high resolution screen and the embedded PC the TDEMI M+ is a fully stand-alone instrument independent from any control or host or display unit e.g. as a PC or laptop. Thus it provides even more flexibility for your emission measurements. Furthermore the instrument can be powered by a battery pack (Option BAT-UG) making it even more flexible and easy to carry it around without any need of an external power supply.

The instruments of the TDEMI M+ receiver series are available for the frequency ranges up to 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz starting from 9 kHz each. Additionally these blazing fast measurements can be carried out even starting from 10 Hz optionally (Option MIL/DO-UG).

The instruments could be equipped with further options, e.g. an AM/FM audio-demodulator (Option DM-UG) or an integrated real-time spectrum analyzer (Option SAM-UG).

Also an upgrade for full-compliance testing is possible at any time with the option COM-UG.