The EE650 air velocity transmitter from E+E Elektronik is optimized for accurate, reliable and long-term stable measurement of air velocity in ventilation ducts. With selectable measuring ranges 0-10/15/20 m/s (0-2000/3000/4000 ft/min) and high accuracy, the EE650 suits perfectly all common HVAC applications. The new E+E VTQ flow sensor element of EE650 operates on the thermal anemometer principle, is very robust and highly insensitive to pollution.

Thanks to the design and the innovative flow profile of the VTQ flow sensor element manufactured by E+E in thin-film technology, EE650 features an outstanding resistance to contamination. The sensor element impresses also with high mechanical stability realized through state-of-the-art transfer-moulding technology. The exceptional long-term stability and the wear-free thermal measuring principle minimize the EE650 maintenance demand and ownership costs.

The IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure protects optimally the electronics against pollution. Due to its design, the EE650 can be very easily installed and commissioned. The mounting flange facilitates precise positioning of the probe in the air stream. The duct version can be also mounted directly onto the ventilation duct. With the remote probe version, the sensing probe can be installed up to 10 m away from the electronics.

The measuring range, the output signal (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) and the response time can be selected with jumpers on the electronics board. The maintenance is considerably simplified by a digital interface which allows for EE650 to be adjusted by the user.