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New Fuse Module For Motor Starters


With its new 3RM19 fuse module, Siemens is ex- tending its range of accessories for  the series 3RM1 motor starters. The new module not only allows motor starters to now be simply mounted on busbars, but also offers greater vari- ability coupled with minimal variance.

The new 3RM19 fuse module extends the application range of the 3RM mo- tor starter to include mounting on bus bar systems and mounting rails. This means that users who use exclu- sively busbar systems can also use the 3RM1 motor starter. The new module can be combined with all motor starters of the 3RM1 series.

The easily exchangeable fuse mod- ules also offer protection for the mo- tor and cables connected to the mo- tor starter. Different adapters enable use of the 3RM19 fuse module in all 60 mm busbar systems as well as contact busbar systems and support rails.