Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler Endress+Hauser Introduced the Liquiline CA80 Analyzer

Endress+Hauser Introduced the Liquiline CA80 Analyzer

Endress+Hauser launched a new colorimetric analyzing system, the Liquiline System CA80AM ammonium analyzer, designed for monitoring critical control points in water and resource reclamation facilities. The analyzer and sample preparation system defines a modern approach to process control and regulatory compliance, and will be extended as a platform across a range of measurement parameters.

Superior performance with Liquiline and Memosens Technology

The CA80 analyzer utilizes the Liquiline electronics platform, allowing for consistency across analytical measurements, while providing for fast commissioning and reliable, user-friendly operation. When needed to measure more than ammonium near the analyzer, the Liquiline electronics platform in the analyzer allows for the creation of a complete measuring system by connecting up to four analytical sensors with Memosens protocol, such as dissolved oxygen, total suspended solids, chlorine and pH.

Reduced cost of ownership and simplified maintenance

Costs for colorimetric analyzers are highly dependent on the volume of reagents consumed and the reagent lifetime. The CA80 is designed with precise, positive displacement dispensers for reagent dosing and cooling systems. This reduces consumption, with an extended reagent lifetime for up to six months. Integrated automatic cleaning and calibration ensure reliable work without manual intervention over extended periods of time. Easy, tool-free maintenance reduces costs while increasing uptime.

Regulatory compliance

The primary focus in water resource recovery facilities is to protect receiving waters. This is why there are strict compliance limits for that require proper ammonia processing and control. Aeration basin control based on ammonia load allows for proper nutrient removal, while reducing energy demands from excess blower operation.

Additional Benefits

Three new sample preparation systems offer valuable benefits, such as:

* High precision for all critical control points

* Various filtering methodsAutomatic backwash system to keep filters clean

* Two channels of input reduces cost of measurement

* Smart, energy-efficient cooling module

* Peltier cooler that is controlled automatically by the analyzer’s electronics, with no required maintenance

* Reagents can last for up to 12 weeks