Moore Industries release of the THZ3 and TDZ3, our next gen Smart HART temperature transmitters, officially replaced the retired THZand TDZ2 product lines.

The 3rd generation temperature transmitters continue to offer our industry leading durability and reliability and introduce several new features that increase usability and functionality. The most significant feature is the new dual sensor input.

The THZ3 and TDZ3 2-wire (loop powered) transmitters provide everything that made their 2nd gen predecessors popular products:

  • Isolated and linear 4-20mA output proportional to input
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Direct signal input from a wide array of sensors and analog devices including: 14 RTD and nine thermocouple types; Resistance and potentiometer devices; Direct millivolt sources
  • Sensor drift and corrosion detection
  • Smart range alarms with four HART alarms
  • High Availability option that allows nuisance alarm prevention settings
  • Input simulation capability allowing users to test the AO or any HART diagnostic and range alarms
  • Industry-best input-to-output analog accuracy of up to ±0.014°C (±0.025°F)
  • Industry-best 20-bit input resolution and exceptional input accuracy for all sensor types
  • Moore Industries’ patented continuous sensor diagnostics feature saving you from costly lost production and troubleshooting time
  • Advanced RFI/EMI protection and ambient temperature compensation
  • Long-term stability providing up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations

The new dual sensor input takes the transmitters to the next level by allowing the THZ3 and TDZ3 to:

  • Offer backup and fail-over protection
  • Multidrop up to 15 THZ3 or TDZ3 transmitters on one digital HART loop to monitor up to 30 temperature points
  • Perform Averaging and Differential measurements
  • Continuously monitor, and designate a source, for the analog output or PV
  • Utilize Dynamic Variable Mapping to assign either the input, or the calculated result of the inputs, to any of the four HART variables