ABB launches a scalable power distribution and protection solution for use in mission-critical applications such as data centers or hospitals. ABB’s MNS-Up solution integrates uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and switchgear technologies into a single, modular system, which can lower footprint up to 30 percent, increase uptime, and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

As a highly integrated, fully scalable solution, MNS-Up allows switchgear and UPS modules to be safely and rapidly exchanged without disconnecting power. Responsible energy consumption and facility growth is ensured through planned incremental additions. Overcapacity is just as serious an issue for data center operators as downtime. To be most effective, a data center and its power supply must grow simultaneously, as the business expands. MNS-Up can be quickly scaled to support this requirement.

In 2016 global internet traffic will surpass 1 zettabyte – 1 billion terabytes – a fivefold increase in the past five years, according to Cisco Systems. This is the equivalent of 300 billion hours of video or 5,000 times all the words ever spoken by mankind. With this explosion of data and today’s information economy, data centers have become one of a mission critical infrastructure that requires reliable, efficient and scalable power supplies.

“As a pioneering technology innovator, we deliver solutions that meet our customers’ most complex challenges. MNS-Up is a modular solution that can help data center operators scale up their business as required,” said Tarak Mehta, President of the Electrification Products division. “As part of ABB’s Next Level strategy we are focused on supporting our data center customers with their rapid growth with a range of innovative solutions.”

Pilot applications in Switzerland include Green Datacenter AG of Switzerland, which uses a 5.2 megawatt MNS-Up system at its 7,265 m2 facility in Zurich-West and the University Hospital in Basel.