Ana sayfa OTOMASYON OKULU Lenze Smart Products: Out-of-the-Box Drive Solution for Start-Stop Applications

Lenze Smart Products: Out-of-the-Box Drive Solution for Start-Stop Applications


Define your conveying system, select the installation version, fix the payload: taking the right decisions is easy with the new Lenze smart products for roller and chain conveyors. Instead of agonising over choices, these pre-defined solutions offer a key benefit: the right mechatronic drive solution for a clearly specified application. The Motion Centric Automation specialist thus turns a new page in the success story of Lenze smart motors. These mechatronic units are intelligent and combined with a smartphone, worthy proponents of Industry 4.0 and models of user-friendliness.

Free selection of the motor fixed speed over the Lenze smartphone app and carte blanche for the gearbox torque variation endlessly expand the horizons of a single drive type. This standardisation philosophy underpins the mechatronic drive solutions unveiled at the Hanover fair as ‘Lenze Smart Products’.

In the outline version, smart products for roller and chain conveyors can be installed on the basis of an easy installation and maintenance concept. In the inline version, geared motors with minor interfering contours can be integrated into the machine frame at low cost. Six payload classes from 1000 to 5200 kg are covered by the two installation forms.

Apart from performance data, a definitive development aim was to design universal solutions incorporating Industry 4.0 mechanisms for easiest worldwide deployment as the only way to achieve genuine progress in all aspects of life cycle costs. On the one hand, little effort is involved in finding the right drive solution, on the other, definition, installation and setting parameters could not be easier – with end users benefiting from Lenze’s around 70 years’ experience. And rounded off by everything you need for the perfect documentation and design of ready-made modules: CAD blueprints, dimensioned drawings, sheet, EPLAN macros.