Ana sayfa OTOMASYON OKULU M12 L-Coded To Standardize the 24 Volt Device Connection for PROFINET Systems

M12 L-Coded To Standardize the 24 Volt Device Connection for PROFINET Systems


Uniform plug connectors facilitate installation as well as handling during maintenance, e.g., when devices must be replaced by the end user. PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) recognized this years ago and created clear standards for PROFINET systems. These include standards for M12 connector technology. There is still a need to standardize connectors for the voltage supply, e.g., for 24 V, for copper- and fiber-optic-based communication. What PI succeeded in doing with the M12 connector technology for the Ethernet network connection has now been transferred to the 24 V supply. With the M12 L-coded, there is now an M12 power plug connector available that covers the necessary power range with a current carrying capacity of 16 A in the size of an M12 plug connector.

Uniform plug connectors facilitate connection when constructing systems and machines as well as during maintenance and repair. Thinking ahead to the life cycle of automation devices, the uniform voltage supply connection also offers major advantages to device manufacturers, which can significantly reduce their number of device variants.  These were the reasons that PI opted for a change of generation that allows new IP 65/67 devices to be uniformly equipped with the M12 L-coded instead of the M12 A-coded or 7/8″ plug connector on a power-dependent basis.
In the context of Industrie 4.0 this step also makes sense as it saves significant space on the device and in the installation compared to the 7/8″ plug connector. The M12 L-coded is thus also a decisive step forward for miniaturization. The M12 L-coded is currently being internationally standardized and is already being offered by many M12 manufacturers.