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Rittal Interior Installation Rail For Ae Compact Enclosure


Space is precious – especially when it comes to high packing densities in electrical engineering. It means that panel builders and switchgear manufacturers have to accommodate more and more mechanical and electrical components in enclosures. With a new smart accessory, Rittal is now providing greater scope for the interior installation of compact enclosures.

The interior installation of compact enclosures can be very time consuming and complicated. Often, mechanical processes such as drilling are needed in order to fasten components outside the mounting plate – for example on the side panels. This not only lowers the enclosure’s protection category, it is also leads to significant installation costs. Moreover, the available installation space in the enclosure is often limited and frequently, existing mounting surfaces cannot be utilised optimally.

The solution Rittal offers is an interior installation rail, which can be easily mounted to the side, floor or roof areas of the AE compact enclosure, without any need for mechanical work on the enclosure. This saves time and preserves the enclosure’s protection category.

The interior installation rail is placed where desired in the enclosure and is easily fixed with a screw. The rail tightens itself inside the enclosure and retains a firm hold – even with static loads of up to 100 N. To mount a door-operated switch, an adapter (supplied) can also be fitted to the rail. The special advantage here is that the rail can be mounted very easily, even if the mounting plate has already been inserted into the enclosure.