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Now as an App for the First Time: The “Lift Technology” Application Finder


The “Lift Technology” application finder allows design engineers to quickly select control components and switchgear on the basis of an animated lift shaft. This practical tool can now be downloaded as an App for iPads from the Apple Store and for Android Tablets from the Google Play Store.

The Application Finder from Schmersal Böhnke & Partner shows design engineers which sensors, position switches, door locks and door contacts are most suited to specific applications. But complex systems such as the USB ultrasound positioning system or the new bp408 lift control system are also described in detail.

The main menu of the Application Finder features an interactive view of the different product groups. There is an application-related animation for each product group. The next navigational level showcases the major technical characteristics of the product groups, such as door locks, lift controllers, etc.

Further video animations are available depending on the complexity of the product or the application. For example, the functionality of the WinMOS 300 app which allows the lift to be controlled in maintenance mode via mobile devices is shown for the new bp408 control system.

Direct access to the online catalogue provides those interested with detailed technical data, operating instructions and downloadable CAD models. This gives the interested party direct access to all product information in just a few clicks.