Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler Rittal Launches TE 8000 IT Rack

Rittal Launches TE 8000 IT Rack


The latest model of the TE 8000 IT rack and network enclosure is used as a universal entry-level IT rack and it allows an IT environment with a high level of security to be set up quickly.

One special feature is the design, with its self-supporting 482.6 mm(19″) frame structure. The external panels are speedily removed, ensuring excellent access during installation and on-site maintenance work. Multiple enclosures can be installed in bays to enable the IT environment to expand flexibly. The enclosure also boasts IP 20 protection, meaning it provides effective safeguards against unauthorised physical access in office environments.

TE 8000 also includes a variety of air flow options. Customers can choose between a vented front or rear door, each with 63 per cent perforation. A centrally positioned cover plate on the enclosure roof can be raised using spacers to enable passive ventilation, or be combined with a fan unit for active air flow. The TE 8000 presents itself to the outside world with a chic and modern design. For example, the glazed doors have been redesigned and fitted with designer handles.

The TE 8000 was first presented by Rittal in late 2015. Delivery began at the beginning of 2016. A broad range of accessories is available for the IT rack that can be delivered worldwide, enabling customers to tailor the network enclosure on site to their specific needs.

“We will be addressing medium-sized companies in particular with our universal TE 8000 IT rack. We want them to take part in the digital revolution and we want to help them set up an IT environment quickly and efficiently”, said Bernd Hanstein, Rittal’s Vice President Product Management IT.