Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler Safety Locking Devices with RFID

Safety Locking Devices with RFID


New in the product line from Leuze electronic are the L300 safety locking devices, which are based on RFID technology.

The L300 locking device electronically detects the actuator by means of RFID technology, whereby unique code actuators have an individually taught encoding. This prevents the locking device from ever being opened with another actuator from the L300 series.

The actuators can have millions of different encodings and are therefore classified in the class of actuators with high encoding level acc. to EN ISO 14119. With just a single locking device, Performance Level PL e and safety level SIL 3 can be achieved on a guard. Expensive wiring on-site is thereby eliminated and faster installation is made possible.

The robust interlocking system with degrees of protection IP 67 and IP 69K guarantee a maximum locking force of 7500 N. That is one of the highest values available on the market today. Furthermore, the system holds the unlocked doors in position with a force of approximately 30 N and can thereby prevent them from being opened by vibrations or gusts of wind. Versions with active safety outputs with closed and locked protective device correspond to interlock devices with guard interlocking acc. to EN ISO 14119.