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Weidmüller’s RJ45 plug-in Connectors


Weidmüller is offering the new RJ45 plug-in connectors, which can be assembled on-site, for transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. The new and compact RJ45 plug-in connectors with straight or angled cable routing allow users to create outlets in four different directions. Without using any special tools, users connect the plug-in connector in around one minute, with a triple piercing contact to guarantee secure contacting.

Nowadays, systems are increasingly being decentralised – a development which requires cabinet sizes to become ever smaller. Requirements are also growing in terms of data transmission speed. Then there’s the fact that people are needing to route cables in tighter and tighter spaces too. Often, all of this results in bent or broken cables, which causes lower transmission performance, data loss or system downtimes. The new RJ45 plug-in connectors from Weidmüller provide the perfect solution to these problems, since cables can be routed either straight or at an angle in four different directions (up/down and right/left). The new plugs can be simply and quickly assembled on-site – in the impressive speed of around one minute and without the need for any special tools. Weidmüller is thus presenting a pioneering concept with its new compact RJ45 plug-in connectors. Indeed, they impressively implement space-saving connection solutions and offer application-appropriate cable routing, all the while being extremely easy to install – for powerful and efficient Ethernet connections.

A triple piercing contact makes it easy to securely connect the new RJ45 plug-in connector, even to problematic insulation materials. Users connect the compact plug-in connectors on-site in around one minute and don’t even need to use any special tools while doing so.

The protection concept ensures that the new RJ45 plug-in connectors are suitable for industry applications. Thanks to the sturdy metal housing and 360° shielding, data is optimally protected from interference. The plug is also supplied with a snap-on protective cap to guarantee optimum contact protection.

Despite their space-saving cable routing, the plugs achieve a high transmission speed of up to 10 Gbit/s. The outlet directions, which can be flexibly adjusted in increments of 90°, allow for custom-fit cable routing within the tightest of spaces. Since Weidmüller offers different plug variants, users can make the most of the complete range of cables from AWG 27 to AWG 22.

The following RJ45 plug-in connector variants (IP 20) which work with multi-port are readily available: first of all, there’s the straight eight-core RJ45 plug (Cat 6RAR) with a core diameter of either 1 to 1.6 mm or 0.85 to 1.1 mm. Each of these plugs is available as TIA-A and B versions. Secondly, there’s the angled, eight-core RJ45 plug (Cat. 6RAR) with a core diameter of either 1 to 1.6 mm or 0.85 to 1.1 mm. Each of these plugs is available as TIA-A and B versions. Thirdly, there’s a straight and angled four-core RJ45 plug (Cat. 5) for PROFINET. The plugs’ housing base material is made of nickel-plated zinc die-cast. The contact surface has a gold over nickel design. All RJ45 plug-in connector variants are designed according to the RJ45 standard IEC 60603-7 for 750 plugging cycles.