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Secured And Flexible Remote Access To Machines And Plants


Siemens has extended its Sinema Remote Connect software for the efficient maintenance of distributed plants and machines to include a number of new security and virtualization functions. Alongside OpenVPN, Version 1.2 of the management platform now also features IPsec encryption, allowing a wide range of various machines with different security protocols to be flexibly connected. The new version is also capable of running in a virtualized environment. This not only increases the flexibility and availability of the platform but also the efficiency of maintenance and support services. The management platform is particularly suited for series and special-purpose machine building.

The Sinema Remote Connect management platform is a server application, allowing users to conveniently and securely maintain widely distributed plants or machines by means of remote access. Depending on the supported security protocols, machines can now be flexibly connected, either by OpenVPN or IPsec. This facility means that Sinema Remote Connect can communicate securely over routers with the majority of connected machines. Siemens also offers a complete solution for virtualization (Simatic Virtualization as a Service): The solution encompasses set-up of the Sinema Remote Connect Server, the configuration of virtual machines and their network structure, the installation and configuration of the operating system and ready-to-use installation of the Simatic software. To support the virtualized systems over their entire life cycle, Siemens offers a number of inter-coordinated services, including Simatic Remote Services for remote access by means of a cRSP (common Remote Service Platform), and Managed Support Services, which encompass all support activities surrounding the virtualized host system.

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