The future belongs to measuring technology. Its data is the blood flowing in the arteries of the future industry – and most things in the Internet of Things will turn out to be measuring sensors. The real advance in the connected world of tomorrow will be the global availability of local measuring results. This rapid development – and its inherent risks – is to be elucidated at the special topic “Measuring in the Cloud”, borne by the SENSOR+TEST’s exhibitors’ committee.

The SENSOR+TEST from 10 – 12 May in Nürnberg invites visitors and exhibitors to participate in the innovation dialog on new concepts and solutions for processing, transferring, and analyzing data acquired by measuring technology, while ensuring its security in the world wide web. And this is not limited to the stands of numerous exhibitors: At the special forum in hall 5 visitors can get a targeted and concentrated survey about new products and solutions on this exciting topic. Additionally, the lecture forum in hall 5 will be dedicated to the special topic “Measuring in the Cloud” on 10 May 2016.