Ana sayfa OTOMASYON OKULU Temperature Control: WITTMANN TEMPRO plus D under scrutiny

Temperature Control: WITTMANN TEMPRO plus D under scrutiny


Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG based in Lüdenscheid, Germany, subjected the products from four manufacturers of temperature controllers to various tests. Unrivalled: TEMPRO temperature controllers from WITTMANN.

Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, founded as Norwe-Fischer in 1969, specializes in manufacturing various components for the electronics industry such as heat sinks, pin-and-socket connectors, card holders and optoelectronic parts. The company employs some 380 people today and realizes more than 40 million Euros in annual sales. Fischer exports its products to about 90 countries – with an export share of approx. 35% in total sales.

The products made by Fischer require constant monitoring of the manufacturing processes. The last time when the acquisition of new temperature controllers was planned, suitable models from several competitors were subjected to comprehensive testing.

Appliances Thoroughly Tested

In this direct comparison of different makes, special attention was paid to certain parameters. One of these was the accuracy of temperature control in high-temperature applications up to 160 °C and monitoring of extremely narrow tolerance margins in flow measurement; other criteria were user-friendliness in setting the monitoring functions and maximum maintenance-friendliness of the appliances. Following extensive testing and thorough examination of all appliances, Fischer Elektronik decided in favor of the latest WITTMANN temperature controllers from the TEMPRO plus D series.

Pin strips with pin contacts arranged in a row, which are used on electronic PCBs. The production of these parts from a high-performance engineering plastic material (polyamide 4.6 with 30% fiberglass content) requires comprehensive process monitoring.

Practical Experience

According to Michael Reichel, Head of Injection Molding at Fischer Elektronik, two special features of the TEMPRO temperature controllers ultimately tipped the balance, namely the high precision of temperature control and the facilities for monitoring individual process parameters which TEMPRO offered.

“The temperature controllers are addressed via the interface of the injection molding machine. After setting the correct parameters on the temperature controller, we must be able to rely on an extremely high standard of precision. We also need immediate alarms for the smallest deviation from the set values; this means, for example, for any variation in diameter inside the cooling channel or flow changes due to other causes, and for temperature deviations. We process high-performance engineering plastics and even minute deviations from the norm constitute reject criteria.” For example, the molded pin strips must possess a high dimensional stability and flexural strength. To achieve really 100% good parts here, special attention must be paid to mold temperature control. The latest generation of WITTMANN TEMPRO plus D temperature controllers enables absolute precision in all parameter settings.

Michael Reichel goes on to explain: “We fully exploit the various monitoring functions of the appliances. The simple operation via a fast-responding touch display and the self-explanatory navigation through the functions are further enormous advantages of these temperature controllers. And of course we have also tested them for easy maintenance. After removing the cover, the excellent technical workmanship and assembly of the components become obvious straight away, as well as the easy access to all components. This was a very important aspect for us with regard to performing our maintenance work. In servicing our entire machinery and equipment, we follow the intervals specified by the manufacturers. Whenever WITTMANN temperature controllers are due for servicing, this is shown on the display.”

The standard features contribute to a stable process and ensure its comprehensive documentation. These include functions such as programmable automatic exchange of the cooling water in the tank, automatic heat output control, the USB connection for saving the data and graphic visualization of the entire process. “These devices are often situated in areas where it is not always possible to keep an eye on parameters and displays. Here we can rely on the TEMPRO temperature controllers. As soon as there is trouble anywhere, we are notified immediately by an alarm signal from the temperature controller and via the interface on the injection molding machine”, says Reichel.

“The more processes we are able to monitor and have documented, the more accuracy we can get in our production. In fact, we are able to supply 100% production-monitored and quality-inspected parts to our customers. And here, the WITTMANN TEMPRO temperature controllers are making a vital contribution.”