The seeds sown by the ETG during their 2014 Plug Fests continued to grow unabated at the 2015 Spring European EtherCAT Plug Fest in Hamburg, Germany. One reason for this is the fact that the number of available EtherCAT products continues to increase at a rapid pace. On the other hand, the EtherCAT Plug Fests are widely recommended as a highly valuable method to support the development processes of new EtherCAT devices.

A total of 70 participants attended the event, bringing with them 12 different EtherCAT masters and 42 EtherCAT slaves. This number breaks the previous ETG-internal record regarding the number of tested master-slave combinations. With the five attending ESC manufacturers, the number of EtherCAT chips at a Plug Fest was as high as ever before, as well. One of them was TRINAMIC Motion Control, host of the event and whose TMC8460 is currently in development. Dr. Guido Beckmann, who attended the Plug Fest as the ETG expert, explained: “Plug Fests are particularly beneficial, particularly for EtherCAT devices which are in development. Manufacturer questions can be answered, and necessary adjustments with regard to interoperability and conformance can be made before the market launch.”

In addition to the practical supervision of the interoperability tests, EtherCAT experts from the ETG provided the participants with support as well as information about actual conformance topics, based on the experiences from the worldwide EtherCAT Test Centers and direct feedback from the field.

In addition to the EtherCAT Plug Fests in Europe, the ETG conducts similar events annually in Asia and North America.