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Anritsu to Showcase Teledyne LeCroy Motor Drive Power Analyzer at Drives & Control Show


Anritsu Corporation will be demonstrating the Teledyne LeCroy MDA800 Series of Motor Drive Analyzers (MDAs) at the Drives & Control Show, 12th – 14th April in Birmingham (Stand D342). The MDA800 Series combine three-phase power analyzer static (steady-state) calculations, unique dynamic three-phase power and mechanical motor analysis capabilities, and high bandwidth (up to 1 GHz) embedded control system debug in a single instrument.

The MDAs provide complete three-phase power analysis from motor drive input through motor mechanical output, with results in a convenient Numeric table format. Motor speed, position, and torque integration are the most complete available. Long memory, per-cycle “synthesized” Waveforms and Zoom+Gate mode provide powerful dynamic drive and motor analysis. 8 analog input channels with high resolution (12-bits), sample rate (up to 2.5 GS/s), bandwidth (up to 1 GHz) and memory (up to 250 Mpt/ch) provide unique capability to perform complete system debug on the motor drive power section, motor mechanical performance, and embedded drive control system operation.

Complete Drive System Debug

The MDA acquires drive power section, power transistor, and embedded control system signals, and performs three-phase power analysis of the power section waveforms. Correlation of drive system behaviors to embedded control loop signals enables debug and analysis of all aspects of the complete motor drive.

Numerics Measurement Table

Various voltage, current, power (real, apparent, and reactive), phase angle/ power factor, and efficiency parameters are calculated on acquired voltage and current waveforms and displayed in a table. The table is displayed along with the acquisition waveforms.

Zoom+Gate Dynamic Analysis

Capture long acquisitions and Zoom+Gate with instant table value updates and views of dynamic three-phase power and motor drive performance.

Most Complete Motor Mechanical Integration

Simple integration is provided for nearly any type of speed, rotation or position sensor, including analog and digital (pulse) tachometers, Brushless DC (BLDC) Hall sensor, Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI), and Resolvers. Additionally, Hall sensor and QEI signals can be integrated through digital inputs, preserving valuable analog input channels for other signals.