Industrial Valve Specialist AS-Schneider will be showing a selection of customized Instrumentation Valves, Manifolds and Accessories. The company based in Nordheim (Germany), works with its customers to implement tailor-made solutions for applications such as the extraction of crude oil and natural gas and for process systems in the petrochemical industry.

At its stand (no. KLCC.6053) AS-Schneider will be displaying products such as a monoflange with six integral valves and a Dual Double Block & Bleed Function, which it developed in response to a project inquiry for an FPSO vessel. The company wanted to make the floating system particularly reliable – and as light as possible. By optimizing the arrangement of the valves and the design of the connecting channels, it arrived at a solution which weighs only slightly more than a normal standard flange. The measuring equipment is therefore insensitive to oscillations, and the risk of leaks is low because only one valve body is required.

AS-Schneider will also be showing a manifold based on the proven VariAS-Range with a swiveling adapter at the input that allows flexible adjustment of the entire measuring system. Users can operate the valves much more easily and can read gauges connected to the manifold without any difficulty. In addition, the forged Block & Bleed Valves with one-piece housing replace conventional equipment
consisting of several individual valves. This simplifies installation and makes measuring equipment safer and easier to read.

Also shown at the show is a tailored-made manifold with Instrument Front Port. Users can read both Standard design – display oriented at 90° to the process connection, or “top display” where the display is oriented at 180° to the process connection (e.g. Pressure Gauge Center AS-Schneider_press release_OGA 2015_picture 2

AS-Schneider_press release_OGA 2015_picture 3Back Mount). This new manifold enables the end customer to read pressure instruments with “top display” from the front without the need for a special hook-up or without having to use an elbow adapter. AS-Schneider developed this solution at the request of a manufacturer. The aim was to be able to plan and design the hook-up without having to think whether the alignment of the display was correct depending upon the choice of measuring instrument.