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Brand New: CODESYS with Redundancy, EtherNet/IP Adapter, and Integratable C Code


In time for SPS IPC Drives, 3S-Smart Software Solutions announces a new CODESYS Service Pack with attractive product options for device manufacturers.

With CODESYS as the base software, manufacturers of intelligent automation systems have access to all properties and functions necessary for PLC implementation. Optional add-ons allow fast and easy extension of automation devices with the required add-on functionality.

CODESYS Redundancy is exactly this kind of add-on. With additional components in the PLC runtime system and a safe communication channel between two identical PLCs, device manufacturers provide end users with the ability to configure a redundancy function. In this process, a single IEC 61131-3 application runs in parallel on both devices. The active PLC accesses the I/O system on the fieldbus and is then monitored by the passive PLC. If the first PLC fails, then the second PLC becomes active without any interruption, and then it continues processing the application and accesses the I/O system.

The new CODESYS Service Pack provides an EtherNet/IP Adapter to supplement the already extensive selection of integrated fieldbus systems in CODESYS. All that is needed is an available Ethernet port in a compatible device. In the CODESYS Development System, the PLC can be integrated as an EtherNet/IP adapter into an existing EtherNet/IP network by means of the integrated configurator. The protocol stack is implemented in the form of an IEC 61131 3 library.

Another new feature is the option for device manufacturers to provide their customers with an interface for available C code. An external C toolchain is connected by means of a plug-in module and it compiles and links the C modules to the IEC 61131-3 code. Then the C code can be seamlessly embedded into the CODESYS project and edited directly from within CODESYS or in an external IDE.

Visitors to the SPS IPC Drives exhibition this year can learn about the new CODESYS Service Pack V3.5 SP8 at Booth 550 in Hall 7. In addition to these and more functions for device manufacturers, such as OPC UA Server, PROFINET Master Stack, and BACnet Server, new add-on modules for end users will also be presented, including CODESYS Depictor, the integrated 3D visualization, and the seamlessly integrated CODESYS Profiler.