The COPA-DATA Group is strengthening their presence in France. Since 2002 COPA-DATA has held the majority stake in the COPALP company based in the south-east of France. It has now been renamed COPA-DATA France. The youngest COPA-DATA subsidiary thereby takes over the management of the zenon product portfolio in France.

The name change of the branch in France has resulted in the eleventh COPA-DATA subsidiary being established worldwide. “The integration of COPALP in the COPA-DATA Group is a future-oriented step for our company in this important European market. We can also continue working on the basis of the successful software development of straton”, explains COPA-DATA CEO Thomas Punzenberger. For many years COPALP has been developing the hardware-independent software solution, straton. It offers an integrated development environment where PLCs can be tailored to specific customer needs. The embedded software is implemented worldwide and controls machines in various industries. straton will continue to be developed in France as well as sold from there.

Thomas Punzenberger CEO COPA DATA

A powerful software team

Sensor data from machines can be rapidly and reliably transfered even to higher-level systems particularly though the networking of straton and zenon. This results in fully developed and powerful potential in terms of HMI/SCADA, Reporting, IoT applications and Cloud enhancements. The development and the technical support of straton as an embedded software solution for control systems will continue to be advanced in Échirolles and henceforth be more strongly affiliated with the development of zenon in Salzburg. “We are taking over the sales management of zenon for France. Support and Consulting are now being continually expanded and we are profiting from the support of the Salzburg headquarters. We are excited to now represent zenon in association with straton on the French market”, says Jérôme Follut, CEO of COPA-DATA France.

From the outset COPA-DATA France can count on support from JS automation. With over ten years of experience in projects with zenon, they are one of three Expert Partners worldwide of the over 160 partner companies within the COPA-DATA Partner Community.