The accredited trade journalists at the SENSOR+TEST vote every year for the exhibitor with the most attractive trade-fair presence and the one with the most outstanding public-relations effort. The prizes are then awarded by the exhibition management. This year – for the first time ever – both press awards went to one and the same enterprise, Polytec in Waldbronn, Germany.

The journalists were particularly impressed by the live appearance of a drummer at the Polytec stand. The young lady percussionist provided a direct link to the company’s vibration analysis technology. Katja Henning, Polytec’s marketing and communication director, says, “We always try to work with analogies to make the world of complex products accessible to all. Drawing attention to our products with a drum roll was a bit bold, so we’re especially glad to receive the SENSOR+TEST 2016 Best Trade-Fair Presentation Award from the press as an affirmation of our decision.”

Christina Petzhold, Polytec’s senior press officer, added, “A well-organized public-relations campaign is a win-win situation for us. On the one hand, the representatives of the media are provided with suitable material, and on the other, our enterprise gets effective coverage in the press. We were pleased indeed to get the Best Press and PR Work Award. This goes to show that time and again Polytec has interesting developments and novel products to talk about.”

Holger Bödeker, AMA Service’s managing director, also pleased, says, “The space-consuming installation contributing to the award, wouldn’t have been possible under the cramped conditions we had before the move into the new exhibition halls. That’s why we are especially glad that exhibitors, such as Polytech, have taken advantage of the extensive floor space offered now. We hope to have many creative exhibitors that will follow this example next year.”

The next SENSOR+TEST will be held from 30 May to 1 June, 2017, as always at the Nürnberg Exhibition Center.