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Lifelong dynamics and precision


VPCF stands out with it short response times, good repetition accuracy and a compact design. This PWIS-free valve with ATEX certification is therefore especially well suited for inert gas applications, and for controlling air flow rates and speed in painting and flow systems.

The flow control valve VPCF regulates flow for connected pneumatic consuming devices. Flow resistance and fluctuations in the compressed air supply at the consuming device are irrelevant. The required sensors and the closed-loop control system are already integrated into the flow control valve VPCF. As a result, it meets the most demanding requirements for dynamic response, repetition accuracy and linearity of the characteristic curve. The shorter cycle times made possible by the valve lead to increased quantities – with considerably reduced costs. Thanks to ATEX certification, the VPCF can be installed directly within the Ex zone. This reduces compressed air consumption and tubing lengths.

The setpoint value for the flow rate can be specified using an analogue interface (0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA). The maximum flow rate for the VPCF is 1500 litres per minute at 10 bar. The compact dimensions, easily accessible pneumatic connections and simple actuation of the VPCF mean that it can be arranged flexibly and mounted just about anywhere – even in existing systems.