Ready-to-install electromechanical cylinders from Rexroth cover pressure and pulling forces up to 290 kN with two series: EMC and EMC-HD, offering a total of 12 sizes.

With two new sizes 105 and 150, Rexroth has increased the scalability of the EMC-HD electromechanical cylinder for moving heavy loads in machines, plants and outdoor installations. In five power stages, the heavy-duty series covers pressure/pulling forces up to 290 kN. The robust, ready-to-install actuators comply with the IP65 protection class and can even withstand harsh environments. They are based on Rexroth’s ball and planetary screw drive portfolio, which has grown over the past 30+ years. Movement profiles can be implemented energy-efficiently and with a high level of precision, no matter how complex they are.

Simply enter the parameters for force, speed or location and the EMC-HDs already start moving extremely heavy loads accurately and precisely according to the parameters of the controller. The electromechanical cylinders can be integrated flexibly into modern automation structures and greatly simplify the engineering as a ready-to-install assembly. With a maximum stroke of 1,800 mm, they can move to any number of positions chosen by the user. Even without an additional position measurement system, the EMC-HDs can achieve repeatability of up to ± 0.01 mm.

Even the standard version of the EMC-HD fulfills the requirements for the IP65 protection class. This means that they are suitable for outdoor use and perform reliably over a wide temperature range of -10°C to +60°C. In the versions with planetary screw drive and low-temperature grease, the working temperature may reach down to -30°C. The piston rod is corrosion resistant and can even withstand direct contact with water. The simple and robust structural design ensures a long service life even under harsh environmental conditions. The sealing system protects the cylinder from contamination from outside, which could lead to wear, and thus ensures longer intervals between preventive maintenance.

When it comes to the two new versions, users have the choice between high-precision ball or planetary screw drives from Rexroth with a range of leads and in different sizes. This allows force and dynamic performance to be matched to the requirements of the respective application. Rexroth offers the EMC-HD both as ready-to-install, purely mechanical axes and as a complete system with a choice of precisely matched gear units, servo motors and drive controllers from the IndraDrive series up to four megawatts.

In total, the Rexroth range of electromechanical cylinders includes 12 sizes. The smaller EMC series with aluminum housing begins with pressure/pulling forces up to 1.2 kN and extends to 56 kN in seven power stages. The five versions of the EMC-D heavy-duty cylinder with steel housing start overlapping at 44 kN and go up to 290 kN. Both series are suitable for universal use in nearly all applications for machinery and plant engineering.