Ana sayfa OTOMASYON OKULU Wilo-Stratos GIGA: Extremely Compact Yet With High Performance And Efficiency

Wilo-Stratos GIGA: Extremely Compact Yet With High Performance And Efficiency


High pump output does not necessarily have to mean high costs. High pump output does not necessarily entail a highly complicated installation either. With the Stratos GIGA, Wilo is offering a highly efficient glanded pump which has been developed with a close eye on the requirements and needs of installers and consultants; as a result, it is reliable, user-friendly and efficient to use, as well as presenting little complexity.

“The Wilo-Stratos GIGA saves up to 70 percent energy compared to conventional pumps without speed control,” explains the Wilo product manager, Helene Tenret. “Per pump and per year, this amounts to a saving of up to eight tonnes of CO2.” High efficiency pays off both in financial terms and for the environment. “When developing the Wilo-Stratos GIGA, we ran a fine tooth comb over the design to achieve an optimum match-up between all components from the drive and the electronics through to the hydraulics,” says Tenret.

“Wilo is going beyond pumps”

Wilo is taking a further step forward: as well as high-performance and high-quality products, the provider of systems and solutions for all aspects of pumps and pump systems also offers service packages tailored to user groups. “Our support goes far beyond expert, personal consulting before and during design and installation,” explains Peter Glauner, Senior Vice President Group Service at Wilo. “In over 60 countries, more than 2,500 Wilo technicians and partners are out and about providing individual customer service.” Wilo supports its customers during commissioning of the pumps, including an installation check, optimisation of the settings and an obligatory test run. Wilo’s service includes not only individual maintenance packages but also on-site maintenance and supplying more than 90 percent of genuine spare parts anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Wilo is taking yet another step when it comes to communicating know-how: “Our training courses are carried out by employees with practical experience, and are closely oriented towards our customer’s requirements,” says Glauner. “We can also carry out the training courses at our customer’s premises, which not only permits an exchange of information between us and our partners, but also between the participants themselves.”

Efficient motor with a compact design

The drive is the heart of every pump. In the High-Efficiency Drive (HED), the German pump expert has developed a motor with a motor efficiency that far exceeds IE4, the most stringent class defined today. “We achieve optimum output utilisation with the help of EC motor technology,” explains Tenret. “Power losses due to the rotor can thus be avoided almost completely.” Another important advantage: the speed of EC motor technology can be adjusted precisely to hydraulic components – and this has been done to perfection in high-efficiency pump. The use of material, specifically the use of iron and copper, has also been reduced. This also increases efficiency, and as a positive side effect, also delivers a remarkably compact design given the output class involved: “The HED motor for the Wilo-Stratos GIGA can be as small as a third of the size of some conventional asynchronous motor with the same rated power,” says Tenret. “This not only improves its performance, it makes handling easier during installation or replacement.” The hydraulics for Wilo-Stratos GIGA also help ensure the maximum possible efficiency in the pump. Both the housing and the impellers are shaped very precisely into a geometric form that maximises flow. Increasing the speed reduces the size and weight of the hydraulics: “This means we were able to make the impeller diameter smaller, and with that, the entire pump housing too,” continues Tenret, describing the result. “And that without impairing the hydraulic output.” As a result, the weight has been lowered by as much as 55% and the size reduced by up to 39% compared to conventional pumps. “This saves valuable resources and simplifies transport, handling and installation,” sums up Tenret. “The system is designed to be durable and versatile, reliably pumping a wide variety of media over a temperature range of minus 20 to plus 140 degrees Celsius.”

Convenient handling in individual use

In terms of installation and operation, the GIGA scores points with user-friendly handling. Here too, Wilo relied on the expertise of its customers and users, and adapted the proven “red-button technology” accordingly with only one control element. This means the Wilo-Stratos GIGA is easy and convenient to handle: “Information can be called up on the illuminated display at any time,” observes Tenret. “This means there is no longer any need for an external device to display the parameter.” Optionally, the control can also be carried out via an infrared link using corresponding Wilo accessories. Particularly in major building complexes with correspondingly large pump systems, mobile control and parameterisation of the system is playing an ever increasing role. In the Wilo-Stratos GIGA, this is made possible by connecting to a building management system via electronic interfaces, referred to as IF-Modules. This means communication with all common building automation interfaces is possible. The electronic module controls the speed of the pump within the control range that can be adjusted by the setpoint. This means the pump adapts optimally to changing operating requirements. “The pump electronics and frequency converter have been specially adapted to the requirement profile and the fields of application of the Wilo-Stratos GIGA,” says Helene Tenret. “The individual adaptation is additionally carried out over a control range that is up to three times greater than other pumps with speed control.” For example, the speed range extends from 500 to up to 5,130 revolutions per minute; delivery heads of up to 51 metres water column or a volume flow of up to 120 m3/h can be achieved.

Efficiency pays off

All these benefits add up to unbeatable energy- and cost-efficiency: compared to a conventional electronically controlled pump, the Wilo-Stratos GIGA uses about 31% less energy per year – and up to 70% less than comparable pumps without speed control. With 6,000 operating hours per year and an energy price of 0.22 EUR per kilowatt hour, higher investment can start to pay for itself after just one year.