Ana sayfa Hot topıcs/Güncel Wilo-Stratos PICO-Z

Wilo-Stratos PICO-Z


The range of domestic hot water pumps is being extended by a top model: the Wilo-Stratos PICO-Z. This glandless circulation pump enhances the product range of the Dortmund-based manufacturer considerably in the domestic area. “Similarly to the Wilo-Stratos PICO, this pump combines a modern display, innovative functions and unbeatable efficiency,” explained Wilo product manager Stefanie Sabinarsz. “Furthermore, the new Stratos PICO-Z is adapted perfectly to drinking water applications with its special system features and thus meets the two most important requirements of this application: preventing stagnation and formation of legionella as well as continuously guaranteeing a warm water supply.” With a maximum delivery head of 6m and a maximum volume flow of 3.5 m³/h, the pump is mainly used in small commercial buildings, for instance in small hospitals, hotels or public buildings, but also in blocks of flats.

Built for high demands

The Wilo-Stratos PICO-Z offers the two operating modes “Manual” (Δ p-c) and “Temperature-controlled”. Due to the options, the pump can be optimally adjusted to every installation. “The manual mode can be used to hold the differential pressure constant at the previously selected setpoint,” stated Sabinarsz. “However, in the temperature-controlled mode, the speed is regulated depending on the water temperature so that the return temperature always remains above the previously set minimum temperature. Furthermore, the pump retains the set minimum flow in the case that the temperature control reduces the pump flow below the set value.”

Another system feature is thermal disinfection. When the function is activated the pump automatically detects the thermal disinfection of the drinking water tank and supports it. The new stainless steel pump housing is in line with the highest technical and optical standards: “Usage of stainless steel housings increases the durability of the pump significantly,” stated the product manager. “The material protects the water reliably and safely from bacteria and corrosion. We are following the future trend in the market by using stainless steel for these kinds of applications.” Similarly to the Stratos PICO heating pump, the integrated button lock prevents accidental adjustment of pump settings.

Uncomplicated handling for simple operation

The glandless circulation pump also proves to be convenient and uncomplicated during installation and usage. Since it is fitted with the Wilo-Connector, the power supply can be connected quickly and easily without any tools. The large LC display offers an informative overview of the operating status. “The display optionally shows the present consumption in watts and the cumulative electricity consumption in kWh or the current temperature and the current flow,” stated Sabinarsz. “The display is the central control element and is also controlled with “red-button technology”, which can also be used to activate thermal disinfection.”

“Wilo is going beyond pumps”

Wilo is taking a further step forward: as well as high-performance and high-quality products, the provider of systems and solutions for all aspects of pumps and pump systems also offers service packages tailored to user groups. “Our support goes far beyond expert, personal consulting before and during the design and installation process,” explained Peter Glauner, Senior Vice President Group Service at Wilo. “Over 2,500 Wilo technicians and partners are active in over 60 countries and deliver personal customer service.”

Wilo supports its customers in pump commissioning by offering an installation inspection, setting optimisation and an obligatory test run, among other things. Wilo’s service includes not only individual maintenance packages but also on-site maintenance and supplying more than 90 percent of genuine spare parts anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Wilo is taking yet another step when it comes to communicating expertise: “Our training courses are carried out by employees with practical experience, and are closely oriented towards our customer’s requirements,” says Glauner. “We can also carry out the training courses at our customer’s premises, which not only permits an exchange of information between us and our partners, but also between the participants themselves.”