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ABB Developed New Versatile Robot


ABB Robotics unveiled its latest compact robot for arc welding and machine tending, the IRB 1660ID.

The most versatile robot in the mid-size class, the new robot’s Integrated DressPack makes it easier to program and simulate predictable cable movements, creates a more compact footprint and reduces maintenance costs by 50 percent thanks to reduced wear and tear on cables.
“Our aim from the beginning was to deliver a robot that offers superior and consistent quality in arc welding – as well as a fast, agile and reliable machine tending solution,” explains Dr. Hui Zhang, Head of Global Product Management, ABB Robotics. “This robot will allow our customers to increase productivity, deliver better work piece quality and reduce cycle times.”

The IRB1660ID’s compact, hollow wrist with Integrated DressPack is ideal for applications requiring work in tight spaces such as arc welding and machine tending.

“As a direct result of close collaboration with our customers, the IRB 1660ID also includes a new generation of accurate, efficient and reliable motors,” adds Zhang. “We spent a great deal of engineering effort making the robot as rigid as possible to better protect it, and to equip it for the confined spaces in which it is designed to operate.”

The IRB 1660ID can handle payloads up to 6 kg and has a reach of 1.55 meters.

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