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B&R Invests in Openness


Modular and safety devices from 3rd-party vendors are now even easier to integrate.

WithPOWERLINK, it’s easy to integrate many different 3rd-party devices  into B&R automation solutions. The same now applies to safety components with an openSAFETY interface as well as modular devices. This makes implementing multi-vendor applications easier than ever.

Manufacturer-Independent Safety Technology

OEMs often combine safety components from different vendors to create a safety solution. With Automation Studio, any openSAFETY device can be seamlessly integrated and configured using a device description file. This extends B&R’s support for optimal integration of 3rd-party safety devices such as light curtains, rotary encoders, laser scanners and drives.

The same applies to modular devices, which can be connected and configured using the graphical editor in Automation Studio. This improves clarity and makes commissioning of the entire system more efficient.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Another big step in usability is the expansion of B&R’s proven firmware handling function to include all 3rd-party POWERLINK and openSAFETY devices. The firmware on these devices is now updated automatically at startup and can also be manually reverted to an earlier version if necessary.