Customised solution for automated small part welding

HAIGER – CLOOS presents the new QIROX QR-CC-4.1 compact cell, a “Ready to weld” system with many new features. The robot cell has a 2-station workpiece positioner with vertical change and vertical rotation. Whilst the robot welds at one station, the other station Escort avrupa yakası can be loaded again. With a clamping length of up to 1,250 mm and a maximum load of 250 kg per side a wide range of components can be processed in the system. The system is equipped with the new QIROX QRH-280 welding robot which was particularly developed for the CLOOS Escort şişli compact cell solutions. The compact robot is particularly fast and dynamic which reduces the production times significantly. The integration of the cables in the base frame Escort mecidiyeköy and the position of welding power source and QIROX Controller outside the housing facilitate the service and maintenance of the new cell considerably. Furthermore, the compact cell offers maximum production flexibility as the modular design makes it possible to add individual enhancements and upgrades at any time.

CLOOS offers an extensive range of compact robot cells which allow to weld any workpiece at economic conditions. They do not require much Escort acıbadem space and can be easily integrated into any production as they are completely pre-installed electrically and mechanically. From Escort taksim sensors to controller each compact cell is a tailor-made unit with components which match each other perfectly. All robot and positioner axes are fully synchronised. This provides excellent welding results, reduces the secondary processing times and speeds the entire process run enormously.