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COPA-DATA and AUVESY Cooperate: Version Control And Data Management For The HMI/SCADA Software Zenon


With immediate effect, the automation specialist COPA-DATA and AUVESY, Registered Partner of the COPA-DATA Partner Community, are facilitating a close interaction of the HMI/SCADA software zenon and versiondog, the data management system. When companies apply COPA-DATA’s technology in collaboration with versiondog, projects and data generated from zenon are clear and simple to use for both versioning and documentation.

Automated production places a huge challenge on flexibility and performance of manufacturing processes. This in turn has an influence on the engineering and the software applications: Administration, optimization and maintenance are becoming more and more intricate and complex. In industrial automation, modern software structures therefore depend on simple and clear versioning and documentation of project data and visualization applications. In this way, it is always traceable who and when, or which change was made to a project or an application and which program version is currently in use. This is not only an advantage for production companies but also for machine and equipment manufacturers, and system integrators.

Ensuring transparency and security

versiondog from AUVESY is a standardized solution for consistent version control and data management for automated production. versiondog can help companies secure their data and projects from zenon in an automated manner, control versions and document project states as well as efficiently handle data systematically using Lifecycle Management. “For companies today it is essential to have a consistent strategy and solution for their data management. If our customers use zenon in conjunction with versiondog, they can profit from transparent version administration enabling complete traceability of any project changes”, explains Reinhard Mayr, Project Manager at COPA-DATA.

Consistent data management achieves added value and reduces costs

Users can optimize their daily tasks and workflows thanks to the standardized administration and structured storage of automation projects and data from zenon. Time is saved searching for current, valid software versions as the last released versions of the software are always provided. A consistent data management allows companies to rapidly operate production equipment using zenon. It does so in a targeted manner and can quickly restore optimal states and avoid downtimes. Security and stability of production processes are also increased by identifying intended and unintended changes and thanks to cyclical inspection it is insured that the active software corresponds with the last released version. Furthermore, companies can comprehensively document their projects, data and applications and easily prepare activity logs. “versiondog serves as a kind of binding force that holds the complex world of automation processes together. A world where a huge variety of different robots, field equipment, control programs, drives, file formats and software applications must interact optimally”, adds Dr. Tim Weckerle, Development Manager at AUVESY GmbH & Co. KG. “Thanks to the transparency that versiondog achieves, companies that use the HMI/SCADA software zenon can also reduce their costs and engineering efforts.”