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High Precision Force Control Servo Drives


Elmo Motion Control, a leading global provider of advanced motion control solutions will demonstrate the revolutionary NANO servo drive in action and exhibit intelligent and field-proven servo drives at SPS IPC Drives, Parma, Italy, in Booth #L061 on May 12-14, 2015.

The continuous technological improvements of SMD (Surface Mount Devices) sets new challenges for Pick & Place machine builders. The demand for smaller components has become critical, requiring machines with very high accurate placement and extremely high throughput. Elmo’s solution for pick & place machinery takes care of all the critical tasks of delivering fast throughput, High accuracy and high Precision Control to the mounting force of the placed components.

The Revolutionary Gold Twitter NANO servo drive is an ideal product solution for high-end machines. By using an excellent current loop dynamic range, the GOLD TWITTER enables a current dynamic range of the force control. The extremely fast vertical head units are in motion and at the same time allows for precise control at a very low current that is needed for low force control.

“Due to its NANO size, featherweight, high output power, compactness, advanced servo capabilities and the “highest intelligence,” the Gold Twitter meets extremely high throughput challenges becoming the perfect solution for machines that require precise control force and advanced servo capabilities,” commented, Paolo Serra, Italy Sales Director, Elmo Motion Control.

4000 Watts of High Precision Servo Power

The Gold Twitter NANO servo drive is the smallest and newest member to the Gold line, weighing just 0.77grams and is less than 0.82 inch3 in volume. Delivers ultra-high current of 50A/100VDC.