The new Simotics DP crane motors from Siemens are based on the Siemens 1LE1 platform, and are now even more compact and energy efficient. The rugged, gray cast iron motors have been specifically designed to withstand the high-humidity, salt-laden air encountered in container ports around the world. Combined with the Sinamics S120 converter family, they can be used in all typical applications to shift and lift heavy loads quickly and reliably. Due to the high power density, compact dimensions are possible.

Crane motors are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, and have to withstand high humidity, salt-laden atmospheres and high wind speeds. Reliability therefore has top priority. Simotics crane motors from Siemens have highly efficient components for cost-optimized operation, and the converter achieves efficiency class IES1/IES2. The motors perform their tasks reliably in hoisting, trolley, slewing, luffing and traversing gear. The range of product sizes runs from shaft height AH132 to AH315L. Both non-ventilated and ventilated designs are available for the intermittent duty typical for cranes.

Simotics crane motors are based on the proven 1LE1 platform for standard Simotics family motors. Certain common components, such as stators, rotors and enclosures, are standardized. The motors have the same dimensions, but different versions are created by, for example, using different winding variants and mechanical add-on parts. This ensures short repair times, high availability and spare parts that are available all over the world. The use of active parts for high efficiencies helps save energy in converter operation.

The high power density enables powers ranging from 1.1 kW to 481 kW to be achieved with all common voltages and torques ranging from 10 to 4,600 Nm. The motors have a high overload capability, and a wide range of speed control from 730 to 1,730 rpm. A high overload capability, in some cases up to 450 percent, provides large torque reserves to cope with high surge loads. To dampen any vibrations, Siemens uses exclusively high quality gray cast iron materials for enclosures, end shields and terminal boxes. Various optionally add-ons, specifically designed for cranes, are available, for example special brakes for secure holding and speed sensing incremental encoders for converter control. The electrical connections are located in a generously dimensioned terminal box.

Special protective measures against humidity, such as high-quality paint systems and corrosion protection in the motor interior, ensure a long service life in typical seaport air. The service-friendly concept includes permanent lubrication systems with long intervals between bearing relubrication, providing motor protection up to 40°C, and with options for even higher ambient temperatures, as well as against air humidity of up to 100 percent, and salt-laden air.