With SICK AppSpace, the company is presenting an open platform for programmable sensors from SICK. The SICK AppSpace eco-system offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the freedom and flexibility to develop their application software directly on the programmable SICK sensors to fit their specific tasks. This makes it possible to implement tailor-made solutions for individual customer needs.

SICK AppSpace unifies software and hardware and consists of two elements: the programmable SICK sensors and SICK AppStudio, a development system for applications. The flexible architecture and the programmable devices make it possible to generate data for cloud services in the context of Industry 4.0. The software sits in the sensor and can transmit information directly from it. Users are thereby optimally supported in the areas of quality control, traceability and proactive maintenance.

SICK AppStudio – For Developers By Developers

SICK AppStudio is used for developing customer-specific applications on programmable SICK devices. In addition to programming options and services, it also offers access to the SICK software toolbox and established image processing libraries such as HALCON. Thanks to Lua scripting with many integrated development supports such as auto completion, the app development for the programmable sensors will insert itself easily into existing development processes. The SensorApp developed in this way will then be rolled out on various programmable SICK sensors and can therefore be used on several SICK sensors.

The user interface for machine operators can be created individually as a web GUI (Graphical User Interface) using the graphical ViewBuilder. All software components are combined by the PackageBuilder into a single package that safely defines access rights. Sensor apps can be quickly created and integrated thanks to countless example programs.

SICK AppSpace Community

The SICK AppSpace Developers Club makes it possible for members to take advantage of special offers for demo kits and lab equipment. In addition, it authorizes members to participate in the annual SICK AppSpace Developers Conference. In addition to interesting talks, product demos and trainings, it offers the opportunity for exchange of experiences and networking with other members of the SICK AppSpace Community. The members themselves determine the further development of the SICK AppSpace eco-system.