Scalance X Industrial Ethernet switches form the robust backbone of any industrial network and  nable communication with unmanaged and managed layer 2 and layer 3-capable switches. A new product has been added to the portfolio in the form of the Scalance XB004-2 switch. This new product is particularly suited for creating line topologies of up to five kilometers in length using fiber optic cables, allowing distributed machines and plant sections to be connected and automated at low cost.

Device automation plays an important role in other areas as well as industry. In public buildings such as schools, supermarkets, public pools and underground parking lots, the Building Automation and Control Networks protocol (BACnet) has become established as the communication standard. Working as a medium-independent protocol, Ethernet-based devices can also be used with BACnet/IP, for instance in monitoring, controlling, regulating and optimizing facilities. This makes the Scalance XB-000 product line from Siemens ideal for building automation.