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New SPA2IS Programmable Alarm Trip with Intrinsically-Safe (IS) Field Connections Reduces Installation and Maintenance Costs


Moore Industries has released the new SPA2IS programmable alarm trips with built-in intrinsically-safe (IS) field connections. Now customers in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas extraction & refining and pharmaceutical industries that monitor, control, and measure signals in hazardous areas have an alarm solution that significantly reduces wiring, installation and maintenance costs. The newest member of Moore Industries’ family of Limit Alarm Trips and Switches, the SPA2IS is a combination alarm trip and temperature transmitter solution that includes built-in intrinsically-safe field connections for current/voltage, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and thermocouple.

The IS approach as a method of hazardous area protection with monitoring and measurement instruments is increasing globally.  Many industrial sites that have previously implemented explosion-proof or flameproof protection are now utilizing a hybrid approach of both protection methods in their hazardous areas.  Constructing or retrofitting IS solutions within these plants can be costly and instrumentation often requires the additional purchase of a separate zener or isolating barrier and power supply.

For facilities that employ intrinsic safety measures the SPA2IS is a cost effective and complete alarm solution that includes intrinsically-safe field connections, which provides the necessary protection typically afforded by a galvanically isolated intrinsically safe barrier. In addition, the SPA2IS cuts wiring and maintenance costs by enabling users to eliminate additional barriers and power supplies, which reduces space requirements and heat dissipation or cooling considerations in barrier marshalling cabinets.

The SPA2IS is powered by a universal AC/DC power supply and provides on/off control, warns of unwanted process conditions, alarms on rate of change, and assists with or performs emergency shutdowns. Very versatile, it accepts a wide variety of signal inputs from transmitters and temperature sensors and provides dual and quad independent and individually-configurable alarm relay outputs when a monitored process variable falls outside of user-set high and/or low limits.

Key features of the SPA2IS include:

  • Intrinsically-Safe field connections – Apply inputs from temperature sensors or transmitters located in hazardous areas without the need for a costly intrinsically-safe barrier.
  • Universal plant standard – With programmable input/output parameters and universal DC or AC power input, there’s no need to stock dozens of different alarm trips.
  • 20-bit input resolution – Delivers industry-best digital accuracy for both sensor (RTD and thermocouple) and analog (current/voltage) inputs.
  • Site- and PC-programmable – A choice of using front panel pushbuttons or Moore Industries’ Windows-based intelligent PC configuration software for fast and simple setup.
  • Large 5-digit process and status readout – A large display shows menu prompts during pushbutton configuration and, when the SPA2IS is in operation, shows the process variable, the output, or toggles between the two in selectable engineering units.
  • Combined alarm trip and transmitter – The analog output (-AO) option reduces costs and installation time when both alarm and transmitter functions are needed at the same location.