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The New Generation of Photoelectric Sensors


With each of the R100 and R101 series of photoelectric sensors, you receive a universal solution with innovative technologies that offers maximum flexibility in many applications. From thru-beam sensors to distance sensors – for the first time, several photoelectric principles are integrated in a space-saving housing design. Additionally, IO-Link enables continuous communication down to the sensor level in all types. The range of functions is enhanced by switching sensors with measuring core. These not only reduce acquisition and logistics costs, but also provide highest adaptability to different requirements and applications.

Make processes efficient and safe

Due to their wide range of functions, the R100 and R101 series photoelectric sensors easily handle versatile detection tasks in a variety of industrial applications. Here, the switching sensor with measuring core represents a particular highlight. It allows the integration of multiple operating modes, like the window operation mode and switching points, optionally via IO-Link, in a single sensor.

With the switching sensor with measuring core, different stack heights are easily detected. In this case, the sensor is mounted above a conveyor belt and senses down into passing containers. Using Multi Pixel Technology, it detects the different stack heights of the products inside. If, for instance, a vacuum pad successively removes two of these contained products, the sensor detects it based on the previously configured switch points. The application image to the right illustrates this function principle. The white object in the background represents the different stack heights.

The advantage is obvious: In applications where two sensors were required, the switching sensor with measuring core now suffices. Thus, with the R100 and R101 series, users make processes more efficient and safe while reducing costs in acquisition and operation.