Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler RFID Block Module with Integrated Middleware

RFID Block Module with Integrated Middleware


Turck presents RFID Device Control Center with integrated data processing for simple data control in Industry 4.0 applications.

The Device Control Center is thus optimally equipped for use in different Industry 4.0 scenarios in production and intralogistics, such as in incoming goods and dispatch areas, in the localization of containers, order picking or the control of goods flow.

The Device Control Center is based on Turck’s robust TBEN-L RFID module platform with protection to IP67, and offers an additional eight freely definable inputs/outputs as well as connection possibilities for four RFID read/write heads in HF or UHF technology. Communication with higher-level ERP or MES systems is implemented via Ethernet TCP/IP.

The module is equipped with Device Control Service (DCS) for managing and controlling the connected hardware and the preprocessing of sensor and RFID raw data. The software enables the filtering and preselection of the RFID data. Standard interfaces such as Web Services or CSV file storage allow the direct routing of the processed data to other systems. Alternatively, the direct communication with the Graidware middleware of Turck’s system partner Sigma Chemnitz is also possible.

The smooth running of the module is ensured with an ARM Cortex A8 controller with Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and an 800 MHz frequency, 4 GByte NAND Flash memory and 512 MByte DDR3-RAM.