Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler Safe Operation Under Harsh Conditions

Safe Operation Under Harsh Conditions


The pilot valves VOFD and VOFC reliably actuate butterfly valves, cylinders, diaphragm actuators and rotary actuators. Thanks to their sturdy design, high corrosion resistance and choice of solenoid coils with various ignition protection types, the valves can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres up to zone 1/21 – even in open-air applications.

The valves are certified to IEC 61508 and can be used in safety circuits up to SIL 3 as well as in emergency shut-down applications. With their hard ematalised housings, the valves benefit from long-term protection against corrosion and mechanical stresses.

The valves also offer high process reliability and plant availability. The VOFD operates reliably and safely in fail-safe applications. The indirectly controlled VOFC combines operation with internal and external pilot air in a single housing, which reduces the cost of maintaining stocks of different variants. The valves can be easily changed over using a screw. Depending on the required function, the pressure connection can be made independently of the working pressure as a positive-pressure or vacuum connection. New to this valves series are low-temperature variants for ambient temperatures down to -50 ° C, stainless steel versions and international certification to IEC Ex, Inmetro, Nepsi and Gost.