Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler Sinamics G120P Converter Expanded up to 690 V

Sinamics G120P Converter Expanded up to 690 V


Siemens is now offering the 690 V wide voltage range for the Sinamics G120P converter series with an output up to 630 kilowatts. This opens up additional pump and fan applications to speed-controlled converter operation. Siemens offers a wide performance range and many different types to enable users to select exactly the right solution.

Integrated special functions, such as pump cascades, multi-zone control, dry running, blocking and V-belt monitoring, and smoke extraction mode simplify the engineering of pump, fan and compressor applications. Along with full integration into the TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation Portal), up to 30 percent of the engineering time can be saved. Furthermore, an integrated software wizard facilitates fast, reliable commissioning.

Perfect interaction with Simotics motors reduces system losses by up to eight percent. The new series of devices has a very high, proven efficiency of above 98 percent according to the new European energy efficiency standard EN 50598. This not only significantly reduces operating costs but also improves the CO2 balance. Depending on the operating mode, many ways of fine-tuning energy consumption are offered, such as automatically adapting the magnetic flux in the motor to the current load conditions, optimizing output pulses, and an energy-saving standby mode.

Not only built-in units but also cabinet units are offered as ready-to-use AC/AC converters. A large number of cabinet options enables quick and easy assembly of models corresponding to the specific customer requirements. Siemens supplies an optimally harmonized product – type-tested and ready-to-use. The converters are offered in two design variants with cabinet widths starting from 600 mm, and with various degrees of protection up to IP54. The converter has a rugged, maintenance-free design which can cope with extremely harsh industrial environments. As well as being designed for conventional industrial environments, the product series is particularly suitable for use in the energy and water industries, the processing industry and building management systems. Multiple options enable it to be easily adapted to specific requirements.

The Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) approach enables optimal interaction between individual components in the drive system to be achieved right from the development phase. The customer then has the benefit of selecting and operating precisely matched components with a high degree of efficiency and reliability. In conjunction with the Simotics FD (Flexible Duty) or VSD10 line of motors, the complete range of power can be covered up to 630 kilowatts.