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The New JUMO MIDAS S19 R Pressure Transmitter


Exceptionally high standards are set for the measurement technology used in the railway industry. As a result, the new JUMO MIDAS S19 R pressure transmitter distinguishes itself through its particularly robust and resistant design.

Numerous different pressure measurement tasks are carried out in the following areas of railway technology: compressed air production, climate control, sanitary equipment, retarder control, and brake pressure monitoring.

Although the measurement tasks may be diverse, they all require the same high standards for high-grade measurement technology to produce reliable measurement results year after year. These standards remain even when the measurement technology is subjected to high vibration and shock loads, extreme temperatures between -40 and +100 °C, and excess voltages.

The new JUMO MIDAS S19 R was developed and qualified specifically for these measurement tasks under consideration of the relevant regulations. The device fulfills and in some cases significantly exceeds the specifications of DIN EN 50 155 (Electronic equipment used on rolling stock), DIN EN 61 373, category 1, class A + B (Rolling stock equipment), DIN EN 50 121-3-2 (EMC for railway applications), and DIN CEN/TS 45545-2 (Fire protection on railway vehicles).

JUMO’s many years of experience in the commercial vehicle sector played a key part in the development of the new MIDAS. The used silicon sensor is built into a sturdy stainless steel case, extremely resistant to overloads, and capable of handling millions of load changes. The fully welded measuring system is also made of stainless steel and is suitable for use with almost all media. Special measuring ranges for climate technology along with the DIN-series graded pressure measuring ranges between 1.6 and 100 bar were also taken into account.