Ana sayfa OTOMASYON OKULU Hessnatur Relies on Energy-Efficient Interroll RollerDrive for Higher Sustainability

Hessnatur Relies on Energy-Efficient Interroll RollerDrive for Higher Sustainability


hessnatur, Germany’s leading natural fashion retailer, is using energy-saving 24 volt drive technology from Interroll at its dispatch center in Butzbach, Germany.

hessnatur operates an 8,700-square meter dispatch center with 38,000 storage places at its headquarters in Butzbach, Germany. Every year, the company ships approximately 2.7 million parts to its customers in about 1 million packages. For the past 2 years, system integrator PAIS GmbH from Stockstadt, Germany, has been gradually replacing the outdated 400V-drive technology at the dispatch center that was put into operation back in the nineties with energy-efficient and low-maintenance 24V technology from Interroll.

The challenge for PAIS is to keep downtime at hessnatur as low as possible because retrofitting of the dispatch center is being carried out in stages during operation. Because sustainability plays a very important role for hessnatur, they looked for a solution that would allow for the metal base frame of the conveyor system to be reused and only the conveyor rollers and plastic components to be replaced. 24-volt RollerDrive including DriveControl and ZoneControl were their first choice because all of the requirements can be optimally met with the Interroll solution.

For Paul Waigand, Managing Director of PAIS GmbH, finding a full-service provider of modern drive technology who could supply both the control systems and the driven rollers was extremely important to the retrofit project. “We specialize in the migration of outdated roller conveyors and rely on the internationally active manufacturer Interroll.”

At hessnatur’s dispatch center, the buffer zones are equipped with EC310 RollerDrive as a belt drive for conveyor rollers with spring axles and two grooves each. ZoneControl takes over control of each individual zone. The curves are fitted with EC310 RollerDrive and DriveControl. To prevent slippage of the conveyed material, rubberized conveyor rollers are being used in certain places.

A system driven by Interroll RollerDrive is always structured in a decentralized manner. The drives are located in each conveyor zone. These can thus be switched on or off individually. Movement only takes place throughout the entire conveyor when materials are actually conveyed with zero pressure. Only the RollerDrive required for the optimal flow of the goods to be conveyed are actually driven. This means there is enormous potential for energy savings and significant noise and wear reduction.

hessnatur has been a pioneer on more sustainability in the textile market for many decades. The company pursues a holistic approach and keeps a close eye on the economic dimension in addition to social and environmental aspects of its operations. As Siegfried Koenig, the person responsible for planning, organization and operation support at hessnatur, explains: “Energy efficiency protects the environment and reduces our operating costs. Our customers also tend to benefit indirectly from lower prices. For us, sustainable action also means improving working conditions for our employees. For this reason, the lower noise level that we achieve by using Interroll RollerDrive was also an important aspect for us.”

Many years of experience and many hundreds of thousands of RollerDrive in operation make Interroll a leading manufacturer of 24 volt drive technology. End users around the world have modernized many of their systems to include this drive technology that offers a fast return on investment (ROI).

The results of a scientific study that the Institute for Material Handling and Logistics (IFL) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) conducted under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Furman clearly show the strengths of 24-volt solutions compared to 400 volt drive technology in many application examples. Interroll offers the KIT study “24 Volt Drive Technology in Continuous Conveyor Systems” for downloading on its website