Ana sayfa new products/Yeni Ürünler HuaTian INSTRUMENT ANNOUNCES PM-3000



HuaTian Instrument announces the release of the PM-3000, a water proof digital pressure gauge. The PM-300 provides an accurate, versatile and cost-effective solution in a compact, easy-to-use package.

Product Features:

  1. Water proof housing

The material for housing in plastic is water proof , it’s good for outdoor application .

  1. Rotary back cover

The back cover is rotary which need not screws for fixing, O-ring use for sealing also.

  1. High accuracy

The accuracy can reach up to 0.5%FS, combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability.

  1. Unique design

The PM-3000 was designed by our 30 years experience engineer who knows the market very much.

  1. Both indoor and outdoor application

The model can be used in any applications where the media is compatible with sensor element.